Month: August 2018


…And it’s a love letter to the Bull Run Lifestyle.

In a land far away in New York City, where people are awoken by car horns, have their clothes professionally cleaned and check the DOW industrial average while brushing their teeth, they dream of a simpler life. To them, the Oregon lifestyle is a fairy tale. The sap that comes from our trees is a thick and vibrant viscoses that courses through the veins of our forests, gushing with life. Our air is crisp and clean, with the soft, rustling sounds of leaves and animals rolling in the gentle breeze, and everything that is grown and cared for is nurtured by the love and light that keeps our land going. And, according to Forbes writer Warren Bobrow, our cannagars capture it all.

Photo credit: John Plummer

Where Warren is from, electronic vaporizers and delicate, hundred dollar bongs are what’s used to consume cannabis. We decided to show him another way. Our cannagars are weed cigars that are wrapped in marijuana leaves. The bicycle of the marijuana world, if you will. Low tech, simple, and highly effective.

He loved it. So much, in fact, he wrote THIS amazing article chronicling his journey and detailing the craft, expertise, and love that we put into our bud.

Truly Warren, your appreciation and recognition is humbling, and we hope to see you back soon.

Read his entire article HERE.

Photo credit: Warren Bobrow