In The Face Of An Oversaturated Flower Market, Bull Run Marches On

In a recent article by Rolling Stone Magazine titled Oregon’s Weed Glut: What Happens to Excess Pot?, Oregon’s saturated marijuana market is examined. John Plummer, Bull Run’s fearless leader guides author Lily Raff McCaulou through the 2 year history of recreational marijuana licenses and how the state got to the point it’s at today. With many growers backing out in the face of plummeting weed prices, Bull Run’s brand stands strong. Solid dispensary relationships and a product consistency that consumers have come to count on have helped Bull Run weather the market instability, and gear itself up for the coming years.

Read the full article here.

Bull Run Craft Cannabis Silvertip

Bull Run Craft Cannabis Just The Silvertip

Photo Credit, Charlie Mertens

DOPE Magazine Sheds Light On Our Evolving Sustainability Practices

Long before Bull Run was supplying Portland with bud, the farm we operate from was a lilly farm. The buildings that were once used to refrigerate the flowers are now used to take our own flower from seedlings to full fledged weed. Improving the efficiency of these buildings and reducing the impact of our grow process is a constant mission and moving target. Our friends Matthew Criscione and Jason Horvath from DOPE Magazine visited our farm and gave our sustainability practices mad props, to which we are eternally grateful. Check out their article HERE, or pick up a copy at your local dispensary.  Thanks again guys, come back anytime!